We partner with clients to tailor solutions and find new ways to contribute to their nature-positive journey in the ocean.

Diatom is a hub of independent marine experts (e.g. marine biologists, marine remote sensing & GIS, marine acoustics, eDNA, fishery data and analyses, marine statistics etc.) and entrepreneurs who are assigned according to each project's needs. It allows us to be agile, efficient, effective, creative and deliver high quality support.


Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Data Analysis and Intelligence

To measure, to provide insights or to demonstrate biodiversity net gain or nature-positive impacts on marine biodiversity, it is crucial that your monitoring program is structured and designed to establish statistically robust data sets.
Our team of marine professionals (e.g., marine biologists, marine remote sensing& GIS, marine acoustics, eDNA, fishery data and analysis, marine statistics etc.) has the expertise and the experience in ocean data to analyse existent datasets and to design monitoring programs to help you to have credible and verifiable baselines, ESIAs and nature-positive projects.


Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BES) and Assessment and Management of Environmental and Social (E&S) Risks and Impacts.

We coordinate and perform QA/QCs in +100 ESIAs in order to ensure that biodiversity and ecosystem services are properly integrated into the decision-making process and aligned with international standards (IFC PS)

Experience: The team has performed QA/QCs and led more than 120 ESIAs and Due Diligences for projects in the coast and in the ocean across the globe, for investments, governments and businesses. Most of them, performed in areas of importance for biodiversity and ecosystem services. One of our expertises is to assess and measure impacts on fishery where we develop specific engagement strategies (e.g. when economic displacement takes place or compensation is nedded).


Environmental and Social (E&S) Due Diligences (DD)

We perform environmental and social due diligences and risk assessments for operations, projects, investments and M&A with potential footprint in the ocean and coastal ecosystems. We assess gaps and advice regarding the level of compliance with IFC standards.

Experience: Our team has more than 20 years experience in performing and managing risks and impacts from offshore and coastal operations E&S in DD (e.g., drilling, seismic surveys, processing and production facilities) across the globe. We have also performed accurate risk assessments for M&A and divestments for major complex projects in various countries as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Mauritania, Namibia, New Zealand, UAE and the UK.


Alignment with IFC Standards

We design and review (e.g. due diligence, peer review, gap assessments) investments, projects, and operations to assess the level of alignment with international standards (IFC PS) for E&S and biodiversity; looking for simple and innovative solutions to deal with potential gaps.

Experience: Our team member helped a large company to better understand and integrate their environmental monitoring data regarding grey whales in Sakhalin (Russia), which was crucial for the company to demonstrate biodiversity net gain and compliance (with IFC PS6) to their lender and to the international scientific community.


Design and Review of Monitoring Programs to Demonstrate Marine Biodiversity Net Gain

We design and review marine environmental monitoring programs, tailoring them to access or demonstrate biodiversity and ecosystem services net gain. We use intelligent data analysis and statistic modelling to give the statistic robustness required by qualified stakeholders as scientific bodies, regulators, investment banks and investors.

Experience: Our team has experience in designing and coordinating several marine environmental monitoring programs. One example was in Brazil in a deep water coral area, where, after a robust analysis of existent environmental monitoring data, a company could technically demonstrated to the regulator, that its offshore multi-drilling site, located near a critical habitat (biodiversity), had a much smaller footprint than assumed by the regulator. As a result, the monitoring program was phased out (cost savings around 3.5M USD in 5 years), the decommissioning and restoration (D&R) costs dropped dramatically as well as the liability risks.


Marine Ecosystem Restoration Projects

We design and assess the scientific robustness of existent restoration programs to demonstrate biodiversity net gains and potentially generate and trade biodiversity credits.


Capacity Building on  Marine Biodiversity

From biodiversity in businesses and investments to marine biodiversity data analysis and monitoring, we develop tailored training, workshops, coaching and capacity building programs tailored to business managers, investors, technical and operational staff.

A picture of Alexandre Campas
A picture of Alexandre Campas
A picture of Alexandre Campas

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