We help businesses, investors and governments to integrate marine biodiversity in their projects, supporting them in their journey to become nature-positive in the oceans

In other words, if your project or investment has a potential impact in the ocean or coastal ecosystems, we help you to identify and manage them in order to have a positive impact on the marine environment (i.e. achieve net positive impact on biodiversity). By doing so, your organisation will also join the global effort to revert the planet nature and biodiversity loss in line with the New Global Biodiversity Framework.

We are experts in assessing and 'measuring, reporting & verifying' (MRV) impacts on marine biodiversity for businesses and investments.

In order to achieve our mission, Diatom operates on two fronts in its two separated (but interconnected) arms:

Diatom Consultancy: which is a consultancy focused on helping business, governments and investors to enable biodiversity to become better integrated in the businesses decision-making processes. As a consultancy, Diatom is built on decades of experience and expertise from its team of marine and business experts.

Diatom Blue Tech: a marine tech startup designed to develop technologies to assess and measure marine biodiversity net gain or biodiversity outcomes for companies, investors and governments with projects / impacts on the ocean.

Our experts lead change at the following organisations

Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystems Underpin a Healthy Planet and Social Well-Being

The loss of marine biodiversity is weakening the ocean ecosystem and its ability to withstand disturbances, to adapt to climate change and to play its role as a global ecological and climate regulator (lOCEAN & CLIMATE PLATFORM)

Of the world's estimated species are threatened with extinction (out of an estimated 8M).
Earths are needed to maintain our current way of life. Ecosystems cannot keep up with our demands.
Of the Earth’s land surface has been significantly altered by human actions, including 85 percent of wetland areas.
Of ocean areas is impacted by human activities, including from fisheries and pollution.
Of the world’s marine fish stocks are fully exploited, overexploited or depleted.
Of wetlands (i.e. mangroves, salt marshes, flood plains etc.) have been lost.

The reference for the numbers above can be seen here

There are many biodiversity frameworks and guidances available in the public domain. However, marine biodiversity is a complex topic, where strategies and solutions must be designed for each case.

We tailor teams of marine experts to tackle the needs of your organisation, simplifying science, processes and making them accessible to all stakeholders.
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Alexandre Campos
Founder & Managing Director
"I read everything that Diatom publishes, they are quickly becoming a super-star team in the industry. They helped us create a comprehensive strategy and asessed us on the implementation."
Alexandre Campos
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